Children Swimplugs



Children swimplugs
Multiple colours

Swimplugs for Children 

NB: Appointment Required

  • Hypoallergenic silicon.
  • 15 minutes appointment.
  • Product ready for collection in 40 minutes.
  • Consultation conducted by an experienced paediatric audiologist.
  • Range of colours available.
  • Please note: your child must be free from ear infection and recovered from myringotomy surgery. (please see your GP if in doubt)
  • Discounts available for healthcare card holders.


Swimplugs for children

Swimplugs from Hearing Guard are comfortable and the best option if your child has a perforated ear drum and/or middle ear problems. Hearing Guard manufacture custom swimming ear plugs that will help protect your little ones from the damage that chronic external ear infections  have on their ability to hear, play and enjoy life. Hearing Guard swimming earplugs ensure that your child’s ears are kept warm and dry when you and/or your children are enjoying the water. These swimming earplugs will also help prevent the development of exotosis.

Swimplugs for childrenChildren Swimplugs experience

Having had extensive experience in paediatric audiology in London UK, I am well aware of the need to make your child feel relaxed and comfortable. When taking an ear impression for the manufacturing of custom silicon swimplugs , I recommend you bring your child’s favourite toy, and that she/he is feeling refreshed with their batteries recharged. Depending on their age, I may aske you to have your child sit on your lap during the impression taking process. At most I will need 15 minutes of your time for this procedure, but with small children anything can happen, so I leave plenty of time in the diary to accommodate their needs.

Hearing Guard swim plugs are made from hypoallergenic silicon using the latest “syringe injection” technology for accurate ear impressions. The soft silicon swimming hearing protection significantly reduces the risk of water penetration into the ear canal, thus protecting your child from the damage that chronic ear infections can have on their hearing. Our swim plugs are comfortable, long lasting, even in chlorinated water, and they float. We focus only on the manufacture of custom designed ear plugs specific for your needs. Our products are moulded only for you and/or your child.

Hearing guard provides an instant manufacturing and fitting service using the latest hypoallergenic silicon technology. There is no 1-2 week waiting period or revisits due to laboratory translation error as the actual ear impression is the finished product. The whole process can take as little as 40 minutes; you and/or your child are only needed for the initial ear impressions.

Hearing Guard are a socially conscious company and offer significant healthcare card discounts. 

Feel free to call Hearing Guard on 0400 189 269 for further information or a discussion as to your child’s needs.

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