Custom In Ear Music Monitors


In Ear Monitors


Hearing Guard can custom make ear plugs with your own In Ear Monitors. From off the shelf head phones to Crescendo

Custom In Ear Monitor

sound systems, we can build most devices into a custom mould. Think about the beautiful clarity of sound due to background noise attenuation. No need to scroll up the volume to get the sound you want. Custom In Ear Monitors are the ultimate accessory- for comfort, style, and sound clarity. 


Custom Ear Music Monitors


Make no mistake not all ear plugs are the same. Custom silicon musicians earplugs and custom ear music monitors requires deep impression performed by a qualified Audiologist/Audiometrist. Secondly they need to have special acoustic filters inserted into the ear mould to ensure correct sound attenuation that has a balanced frequency response. Simple ear plugs distort the sound you hear, and you do not want that. Hearing Guard’s Audiologists have access to a range of Hearing Protection acoustic filters that have specific frequency response curves, thus ensuring we can get you the right sound attenuation suitable for your music type.

custom ear music monitors
Custom In Ear Monitor Ear Plugs

Every person perceives sound differently, this is a combination of the functional anatomy of the Cochlear and the Neural network of the Auditory Cortex. Consequently, In Ear Monitors should never be purchased lightly, and are often best used in conjunction with custom Silicon Ear Moulds for the best unwanted sound attenuation to ensure highest quality monitor acoustics. You can have the best headphones, but if external sound is smearing the headphone acoustic response you naturally increase volume. This is likely to result in long term hearing damage. Hearing Guard’s custom Musician Ear Mould and Acoustic filters, and Custom Ear Plugs for In Ear Monitors are the best and safest solution.