SoundGear Custom Hearing Protection

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SoundGear Custom Hunting and Tactical Digital Ear Plugs

SoundGear Custom Hunting Ear Plugs are used by law enforcement officials, tactical teams and more to protect their hearing from muzzle blast and explosives, while benefiting from SoundGear digital ear plugs sound enhancement technology. Considered to be the most advanced digital hearing protection available.

Hearing Guard’s SoundGear Custom digital ear plugs are for those who refuse to compromise when it comes to performance and personalization. Each pair is digitally customized to the wearer’s ears, and ensures protection from muzzle blasts, while helping you hear clearly to optimize communication, success and safety in tactical situations, simulator, or on the range. SoundGear has been designed for the USA hunting and military market and is  powered by Starkey Technology, (Starkey Australia) one the largest Hearing Aid Manufacturers in the world. These hunting ear plugs will give you a tactical advantage over your prey, or turn the volume down and they are perfect for the range.

hunting ear plugs
SoundGear Custom Digital Hearing Guards; in the ear digital protection

 hearing protection; digital ear plugs
SoundGear Custom Hearing Protection


  • Dynamic digital hearing protection
  • High definition sound reproduction
  • 24db Noise Reduction Rating
  • Seamless sound activated compression automatically suppresses noises 95db and higher
  • Up to 8x sound enhancement over traditional hearing protection products
  • volume control
  • Two SoundGear custom digital devices
  • Two packs of batteries (Size 13)
  • Cleaning brush
  • Portable carrying case
  • 12 month Manufacturer Warranty

For more information, including pricing, please call the Hearing Guard team on 0400189269, or email