Ear Plugs Shooting Hunting or the Range

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Ear Plugs Shooting

Ear plugs shooting hearing protection or any other high noise situation is what Hearing Guard specialise in. We provide a range of Custom Silicon or SoundGear digital shooting ear protection. Hearing Guard have exclusive access to the latest SoundGear technology  https://www.soundgearhearing.com/ thus ensuring we have the perfect solution for your hearing protection needs.

Custom Silicon Shooting Ear Protection

Shooting and Hunting
SoundGear Instant Fit Hunting and Tactical In the Canal Digital hearing protection.

We manufacture a range of shooting ear plugs using hypoallergenic medical grade silicon. With a noise reduction rating of 28dB and built in technology that is scientifically designed to protect your hearing while ensuring complete environmental awareness. Using Hearing Guard’s exclusive “gun syringe technology”, we can ensure a comfortable hygienic fitting ear protection device each and every time. Further more, they are manufactured and ready for use with in 60 minutes.  The soft silicon technology of our shooting hearing protection ensures all day comfort. They are so good that Hearing Guard’s ear moulds are the product of choice for Queensland Police Service Firearms Training Officers.

Digital SoundGear Shooting Hearing Protection Technology

Hearing Guard’s SoundGear custom products are for those who refuse to compromise when it comes to performance and personalization. Each pair of shooting  is digitally customized to the wearer’s ears, and ensures protection from muzzle blasts, while helping you hear clearly to optimize communication, success and safety in tactical situations, simulator, or on the range. USA Law enforcement officials, tactical teams and more use SoundGear to protect their hearing from muzzle blast and explosives, while benefiting from digital sound enhancement.

SoundGear is manufactured by Starkey USA one of the largest hearing aid manufacturers in the world. SoundGear delivers unprecedented sound reproduction, but with instant suppression of impact noise. Made specifically for the USA hunting and sports shooting market, SoundGear delivers exceptional hearing protection but without the exceptional price.

For more information, including pricing, please call the Hearing Guard team on 0400189269, or email info@hearingguard.com.auear protection