Ear Plugs- Custom Silicon Hearing Protection

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Ear Plugs- custom noise protection: ear plugs for Industry, Musicians, Shooting, Sporting and Medical


Hearing Guard (an Australian Company) provides noise protection that is OHS compliant. Hearing is an essential brain function asset, with studies showing a link between Hearing Loss and a reduction in life expectancy. It pays to protect your hearing and it is as simple as wearing the right ear defender. Our custom ear plugs provide protection from the damage that excessive noise, music and prolonged exposure to water will have on your ability to enjoy life. We focus only on the provision of custom designed devices specific to your needs, further more we only use the best hypoallergenic silicon technology in our manufacturing process. Hearing Guard’s custom plugs have been tested to a Noise Reduction Rating of 28dBSPL. Consequently they easily comply with Australia and New Zealand standards for hearing protection devices.  Work Safe Australia

Hearing Protection Custom Ear Plugs Applications

It does not matter if your hearing protection needs are for work, leisure, or medical. The Hearing Guard team have over 20 years Audiological experience. Further more, Hearing Guard will be able to advise custom ear plugs solution specific to your needs.

Hearing protection for Musicians
Custom Earplugs can protect your hearing.

Custom Noise Protection need not be an expensive option. Hearing Guard pride ourselves in delivering affordable hearing protection solutions. It does not matter if you are a small business, sporting or shooting enthusiast, or a concerned parent, as our prices are significantly less than our competition.

Ear Plugs- for noise protection
Ear Plugs at work


Custom Made specific to your Hunting, tactical or police enforcement  needs.

Based in the Sunshine Coast Hearing Guard can make customised hypoallergenic silicon hearing protection or an electronic device specific to your needs in as little as 40 minutes. Don’t wait until you have a hearing loss, because you should protect the most precious of assets you have by investing in the best protection that Hearing Guard can provide.


For more information please contact Hearing Guard on 0400189269 or email info@hearingguard.com.au