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Swimmers Earplugs – Water Sports

Swimmers Ear plugs for Water Sports Protection

swimmers ear plugs
Peace of mind with Hearing Guard waterproof ear plugs

Swimmers ear plugs or waterproof ear plugs are manufactured on site in Nambour in as little as 40 minutes. Using hypoallergenic medical grade silicon, Hearing Guard’s waterproof ear plugs are comfortable and easy to wear. Ear Nose and Throat specialists consider swimmers ear plugs as the best option if you have a perforated ear drum and/or middle ear problems. Hearing Guard can custom manufacture waterproof ear plugs which protects you from the damage that chronic external ear infections can have on your ability to hear. Swimming ear plugs from Hearing Guard ensure that your ears are kept warm and dry when you and/or your children are enjoying the water.

waterproof ear plugs
Custom earplugs are available in a range of colours.

Waterproof Ear Plugs

Swimming Ear plugs from Hearing Guard protects you from the damage that acute external ear infections have on your hearing. Our Water proof ear plugs are comfortable, easy to insert, long lasting, even in chlorinated water and they float. We focus only on the manufacture of custom designed ear plugs specific for your needs, and moulded only for you. Hearing Infant swim plugsguard provides an instant manufacturing and fitting service using the latest hypoallergenic silicon technology. There is no 1-2 week waiting period as the actual ear impression is the finished product. The whole process can take as little as 40 minutes, requiring less then 10 minutes or your time.

Swimmers Earplugs for Surfers ear [Exostosis]:

 swimmers earplugs can prevent exotosis
Swimmers earplugs can prevent the formation of Surfer’s Ear

You don’t have to be a child to suffer from water related ear problems. Hearing Guard custom made Surfers earplugs for Surfers and other water sports enthusiasts can help prevent the common condition of Surfers Ear. Prolonged exposure to cold water and wind is the principle cause of Surfers ear. This results in bony growths developing within the ear canal. Known as Exostosis these potentially  trapp water & debris, hence causing painful infections. Regular use of Hearing Guard swim plugs can help protect your ears from developing this potentially painful condition.

Rapid improvement in wetsuit technology have allowed swimmers to be in the water longer and in winter. These cold conditions are ideal for the development of Surfers Ear. Instant custom made swimmers earplugs from Hearing Guard can prevent this potentially painful condition by keeping the ear canal dry and warm. and at a price that will surprise you.

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