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Having had to assess, fit and counsel individuals with a hearing loss, Hearing Guard are well aware of the need for correctly fitted and assessed moulded ear plugs hearing ear defenders. Hearing Guard uses all their audiological experience to assess all hearing protection products, be they custom earplugs or instant fit, for safety, comfort, and longevity. Consequently, we have only a small number of hearing ear defenders to choose from, but like any good restaurant, this menu is a selection of the best of the best moulded ear plugs ear defenders. Our custom earplugs and instant fit devices afford correct attenuation for your needs, while ensuring situational awareness for safety at work, home, or play.

Our clients know the value of professional service and quality hearing protection. That is why they choose Hearing Guard for their hearing conservation needs.

Hearing Guard

Dedicated to hearing conservation with Custom Moulded, Instant Fit, Digital, or Acoustics filtered- the choice is your, the advice is professional.

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