Crescendo Vocals Hearing Protection


Vocal music hearing protectionCrescendo Vocals Reusable Hearing Protection

Using the latest attenuation technology, Crescendo Vocals maintains acoustic integrity, musicians sound equalisation, aeration of the ear canal, all while ensuring safe sound levels. Levels that meet CE and ANSI standards, while maintain user comfort, thus reducing sound fatigue.

In the box

• Two large universal ear tips • Two medium universal ear tips • Two flat attenuating filters ”20 dB” • Aluminium key-ring carrying case • Manual EN, FR, DE, IT and ES


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Crescendo Vocals hearing protection

Crescendo Vocals hearing protection has been designed specifically for Musicians, music lovers and concert goers. Crescendo ear tips come with patented filter technology from Dynamic Ear Company which provides the core of our protection ensuring clarity of sound with full music dynamic whilst
allowing speech to be heard.

CVocal music hearing protectionrescendo Vocals provides a tuned, flat attenuation response so all
frequencies are reduced by almost the same level, great for music as the
listener loses nothing of the original sound, it’s just brought down to a
safe level, making Crescendo Vocals the best high fidelity universal ear
tips on the market.

Crescendo Vocals Hearing Protection Facts:

• Natural – filter technology maintains spatiality • EQ – unique musicians membrane ensures that music retains the musicians sound equalization, this is only attainable with flat attenuating technology • Feel better – high noise levels are tiring, Crescendo reduces noise • Comfort – Crescendo filters allow air into the ear minimising irritation and ‘hot ear’ • Environmental friendly – Ear tips are made of 100% organic material generating only carbon dioxide and water during incineration • Upgradable – The filters of your Crescendo hearing protection are replaceable and upgradable for use in custom fit ear moulds designed for Dynamic Ear Company products • Safety standards – hearing protection certified to CE and ANSI standards • Long lasting – Reusable Hearing Protection, fully washable tips and filters

Benefits of Crescendo Vocals Ear Plugs:

• Enjoy music at safe listening levels
• Helps prevent hearing damage
• A perfect fit for everyone: 4 Eartip sizes available (M+L in package, S+XL sizes available on request).
• 100% Acoustically tested
• Natural sound and ventilation of the ear because of wide filter aperture with sound damping mesh
• Minimum occlusion

Crescendo Ear Plugs are best suited for:

• Singers
• Dance festivals
• Amplified music
• Pop concerts
• Rock concerts