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Music Ear plugs or in ear monitors; for all persons involved in the music industry.

Musicians ear plugs or in ear monitors
Custom Earplugs can protect your hearing.
Hearing Guard can manufacture customised musicians earplugs or in ear monitors to protect your hearing at an affordable price. Our music ear plugs are designed to ensure that sound is attenuated at all frequencies according to your needs. Our musicians earplugs ensure retention of the acoustic integrity of your music (no muffled music or “head in bucket” syndrome). Musicians, and sound engineers are increasingly aware of the hearing damage caused by their vocation. Musicians earplugs will help to protect your most precious of assets. Studies verify the negative impact that frequent practice and gigs has on musicians hearing. If you have experienced ringing in your ears, (Tinnitus) you are doing damage to your hearing and consequently their ability to perform effectively. Whether you are a professional or just like to play or listen, this has a direct consequence on your enjoyment of music.

Custom Musicians EarPlugs

Make no mistake not all ear plugs are the same. Custom silicon musicians earplugs require a deep impression performed by a qualified Audiologist/Audiometrist. Secondly they need to have special acoustic filters inserted into the ear mould to ensure correct sound attenuation that has a balanced frequency response. Simple ear plugs distort the sound you hear, and you do not want that. Hearing Guard has access to a range of Hearing protection filters that have specific frequency response curves, thus ensuring we can get you the right sound attenuation suitable for your music type.

In Ear Monitors

Custom in ear monitors are also growing in popularity among musicians, due to the unprecedented clarity and comfort of the onstage sound they provide. Custom in ear monitors are available in a range of single, dual or triple-driver versions. IEM sleeves are a cost-effective way of turning existing earphones or in ear monitors into a custom solution. Hearing Guard manufactures a custom silicone sleeve from your ear impression. This ensures our ear moulds fit the ear precisely for long term comfort and retention, this helps to attenuate excess sound. Whether this is for onstage use, or simply with your iPod, you are guaranteed a comfortable and secure fit. This will allow you to listen to music at a comfortable volume Sleeves can be made for most popular models of earphone/IEM – if you’re not sure if your own earphones will work in this way, just ask!

For more information on any of our products and services for musicians, please contact  Hearing Guard. Many of our staff are musicians, and will be delighted to offer advice.

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